4SC-205 is 4SC’s third attractive anti-cancer compound currently being investigated in clinical trials.

Mode of action

4SC-205 inhibits a protein molecule, termed kinesin spindle protein (Eg5), which plays a key role in cell division (mitosis) and therefore the growth of cancer cells. Cell division inhibitors (such as Taxol) are deployed with great success in oncology, although they have serious side effects. Due to 4SC-205’s special mode of action, the compound does not cause such side effects. To the best of the Company’s knowledge, 4SC-205 is also the only oral Eg5 inhibitor currently in clinical development anywhere in the world.

Clinical development programme

The compound, which has successfully inhibited the growth of tumour cells in preclinical studies, is now being investigated in a clinical Phase I trial in cancer patients. A comprehensive safety and tolerability profile has already been established, and an outstanding pharmacokinetic profile was demonstrated. Biomarker analyses have also confirmed 4SC-205’s desired mechanism of action. The study has since been broadened and is currently investigating a new, innovative dosage regime in a study amendment.